Zero Waste

There is plenty of waste in Mpophomeni.  Much of it is very useful and can have another life. We compost the cardboard, turn bread bags into skipping ropes, mesh bags into balls and newspaper into hockey sticks. Plastic bottles stuffed with sweet wrappers become eco-bricks and crisp packets become colourful curtains.

Many of the practical solutions regarding re-use of waste to create curtains, doormats or hats and food growing will increase income earning possibilities.  Making eco-bricks is a clever way to contain your plastic waste.

Funda Nenja is working with Rene Morcom, a final year social worker, to build an eco-brick house for a deserving Funda Nenja family.  Should you have more eco-bricks than you can use, Funda Nenja will be grateful if you drop them off at class on Friday afternoon at Zamuthule Primary School.


r making eco bricks

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