Start a Garden

Starting a garden is easier than you think. We all need to grow at least some of our own food now as prices rise and commercial food is full of pesticides and harmful chemicals.  These simple steps will get you going:

  • Choose the site – just a few metres is ok, preferably somewhere that is sunny for most of the day.
  • Lay out the garden – dig swales (ditches to trap the water across the slope) and pile the soil onto the beds.
  • Make paths so that you never walk on the beds and compact the soil.
  • Collect dried grass and leaves and cover the soil with mulch so it does not dry out.
  • You can sow some seed right into the soil – try easy things to start – like beans and nasturtiums.
  • You can buy some seedlings from the MCG Community Garden to get a good start.
  • See what your neighbours are planting this season. Ask them for advice. Perhaps they have some seed to share with you.
  •  Plan what you will plant next season, or once your crops have been harvested – don’t plant the same thing in the same place every year.
  • Remember to plant flowers and herbs in your garden too!
  • You need to water your new plants – mornings and evenings are best.
  • Weed, so that your veggie have less competition. Remember many weeds are edible, so eat them or put them in your compost heap.
  • Learn how to control pests without poisons – ask the MCG team for help.
  • Learn how to make natural fertilisers – ask the MCG team for help or look on the internet.
  • Learn how to save seeds for the next season so you don’t have to buy more – ask the MCG team for help.
  • Harvest your produce and cook delicious, healthy meals!

r Penz Garden dec 2013

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