Mpophomeni Film, The Making

On this day last week MCG got the wonderful opportunity to make a film on all the magic that is going on in Mpophomeni. The film crew from N3TC Toll Concession Pty Ltd was taken on tour around our one year old but splendid garden by Nomfundo Myeni deemed Garden Queen for the day and were highly impressed by the wonderful work that has taken place in the short space of twelve months. “The aim is to help everyone in the community to make better decisions regarding sourcing food, clothes, energy and building materials with great emphasis placed on the benefits of using local.”

r one year old garden august 2015

The garden looked amazing for the cameras after the little bit of rain that we received last week. Nomfundo explained our permaculture gardening principles, the importance of companion planting to make the garden pest free. Penz Malinga shared some of her salad recipes that require the use of calendula flowers and shared a bit about Muthi (medicine) plants found in the garden.

Hleziphe and Nelly were there to demonstrate how to use iSitofu and the Wonderbag, products that MCG are agents to sell to people in and around the township. Hleziphe the Seedling Queen was more than happy to share what goes on during her daily routine with the volunteers and to demonstrate the propagation of seedlings in our creative nursery.

hleziphe in nursery

Lindiwe Mkhize shared her passion for the Kids Club the value of teaching children good environment practises and inspiring children to love the environment they live in. “MCG believes that learning from members of one’s own community, who really care about the wellbeing of the community, has a great impact. Mpop Kidz Club meets on Saturday mornings to explore Mpophomeni, monitor the streams, grassland and forest and create useful items from waste.”

penz lindz vicky

Penz the Water Queen shared her knowledge about the conservation of water and dreams of drinking from the streams in twenty years’ time. This will be possible only if education continues throughout the community and everyone adopts their little piece of the stream to keep free of solid waste. “In collaboration with the DUCT Mpophomeni Sanitation Education Project Enviro Champs we encourage residents to take responsibility for reporting overflowing sewers and monitoring the condition of the streams near their homes.MiniSASS is a very useful tool to measure water quality because it simple, cheap, efficient and anyone can do it. MCG continuously teach the community to do MiniSASS tests to empower everyone to contribute by adopting part of a river.”

Penz also mentioned the Owl Box Project that is in the pipeline, to combat the rat infestation that prohibits many people from maintaining productive gardens.

penz mhlanga stream

The film crew also visited Sifisesihle Primary School, one of the nine schools in Mpophomeni that MCG works with. One of our champion teachers Ms Ausy Mdladla, who is very passionate about environmental issues and gardening brought her whole class along to demonstrate their mulching techniques and show how much they really loved their garden, while Zamile Mtambo took the crew around the wonderful school garden while work was in progress.

zamile sifisesihle

MCG was very proud to show off the work they do in the community and their passion for the garden, environment and their hopes to build a better community. “We absolutely cannot wait to see the final product of the Mpophomeni Film. Mpophomeni Conservation Group is reaching such great heights in such a short space of time. Proof that hard work does pay off. “declared Nomfundo Myeni.

mcg n3tc garden

2 thoughts on “Mpophomeni Film, The Making

  1. Wow, what an amazing success story! Glory for all the participants for what they’ve achieved is very much deserved. I so look forward to seeing the film.


  2. mPop Conservancy and community garden divas!! You can be justly proud! Can’t wait to see the film…is it out yet? Maybe it will have its premier at the NT3C Schools Educational Awards ceremony later this month?!


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