Gardens of Mpop

There is food popping up everywhere in Mpophomeni. We took a walk to visit some gardens.

Mpop gardens intofeshe

Ma Zuma’s colourful garden is lovely

Mpop gardens Ma Zumas garden

Mpop gardens Ma Zuma

The pigeons Ma Zuma feeds everyday are very happy with their green home.

r Mpop gardens Ntombenhle 047

Ntombenhle can’t resist giving some advice!

Mpop gardens Ntombenhle 089 - Copy

Nelly’s pumpkin is hiding

Mpop gardens Nelisiwe's pumpkin

The garden beside the tuck shop

Mpop gardens shop garden

Mpop gardens onions

Baba Gwamande’s Garden. He says “These wonderful ideas work well with us elderly people. We need to eat well and stay healthy. I love to walk around helping others in their gardens, it gives me strength and the reason to face another beautiful day.”

r mpop april 2014 030A blue house with pumpkins

r mpop april 2014 059

Ms Magoza is enjoying her garden. “I am 73 years old and am not well. Since this Angel came into my life, things are better. Now I am back where I used to be – growing food using umquba (manure). Ntombenhle told me what to plant and to mix the flowers in – it is so beautiful. I am very proud of who I have become in my old age. I used to think it was all over, I was just waiting to die.”r mpop april 2014 046

a tiny new garden in a backyard

r mpop april 2014 063

These ladies are proud of their efforts

r mpop april 2014 034

Sthembile Mbanjwa’s garden is looking great!

r mpop april 2014 Sthembile's  garden

Sthembile says “I am so grateful to be one of the people who learn from the best. My father used to plant our garden, but after he died the garden stay still. One day Ntombenhle pass by and ask why we don’t make this garden good. I told her I don’t know how to start. She just arrived on Friday with the tools and said let’s do it. She showed me how and I love it. We harvest a lot and we save some seeds for next year. Hurray!”

r mpop stembile april 2014 070

Baba Shelembe: “Our garden is now waterwise. We water only once or twice a week because of this new thing of mulching, saving water and energy. I am old, but I learn. It works wonders.”

r mpop april 2014 065

Mamsy Ntombela: “My garden is so small and with a few flowers only. Ntombenhle came one morning with her spade, rake and fork and said let’s start to make a veggie garden. We took some of the flowers out and gave them to our neighbours and in between we planted veggies. Yoooh, we did it, now there is no turning back – lots of spinach, peppers, chillies and Chinese cabbage in a small space – it works!”

r mpop mumsy april 2014 055

Ntombenhle concludes: “Permaculture gardens can do many things to uplift the community. I am concerned about my community and would like to address the issues they face in a practical and sustainable way. This is also our chance to show them how to recycle, save water, eat healthily, make money, improve the environment and to teach young people about Values. This is an ongoing development programme where skills learnt will be passed to others to uplift everyone in the long term.”

tutu sihle umngeni river 047

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